Lunch with the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders…

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I sat outside for lunch at a recent school visit, further off from where the kids were eating. Three 4th grade boys asked to sit with me. (Yay!) Another pal came over and they taught me to play Pogo= book research!

The bell rang –4th grade lunch ended–and hello–5th graders wanted autographs.

Boy: “Will you sign my forehead?”

Me: “Ha–let me think…NO.” ; )

In between signing tiny scraps of paper, we talked about books. >Began with a debate about which Geronimo Stilton is the best…Told them about my favs:  A gorilla wrote a book? (woo-hoo–Ivan! )… = BOOKlove

Yard duty: “You guys are missing recess.”

5th graders: “That’s ok…” (!)

The bell rang —6th grade coolness arrived, and somehow I ended up autographing  bits and pieces of a Lunchables box.

And people wonder why I LOVE school visits!

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