The More We Read Together

January marks the beginning of so many I LOVE TO READ events, I thought I’d share this video of  my reading song, The More We Read Together. I sing it to the little ones at school visits and Family Reading Nights, and many teachers have asked me to post it somewhere. Click on the photo and sing along! (Yes, we are in pajamas. It was PJ night…. )

In case you recognize the tune, I adapted the lyrics from the children’s song, “The More We Get Together” (public domain) , and added some easy hand movements for those young wigglers. : )  Special thanks to Mrs. Lynn Baker , one of the best Media Tech/Librarians I know, and to Michael Troyan, author and CRM at Barnes & Noble Citrus Heights, CA, USA.

Happy Reading to all, and THANK YOU teachers and librarians, for all you do!