It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year: a VERY SPECIAL ICYMthem Book List & recap of #kidlit books we celebrated in 2021!

2021 was another year of ZOOMS (thank you, #Teachers & #Librarians) –and another year of NO in-store events, or story times & book signings, NO school visits or in-person conferences… Hooray for events that have started popping up, at long last!

This post brings together all the books we celebrated 2021 with Book Birthday Interviews. ICYMthem, check out these fascinating behind-the-scenes stories and writing/Illustrating tips shared by the #kidlit creators who joined us this year.

*Please note that many of the wonderful titles herein fit into multiple categories. Feel free to mix and match, and click the links to learn more!

PS Books are the gifts that keep on giving.

Nonfiction + Biographies

 The Story of Jim Henson by Stacia Deutsch

The Stuff between the Stars  by  Sandra Nickel & Aimée Sicuro

An Equal Shot  by Helaine Becker & Dow Phumiruk

Sakamoto’s Swim Club  by  Julie Abery & Chris Sasaki

King Sejong Invents an Alphabet  by Carol Kim & Cindy Kang

I Am Smoke  by Henry Herz & Mercè López

A BRIEF History of Underpants  by  Christine Van Zandt & Harry Briggs

Planet Ocean  by Patricia Newman & Annie Crawley

Special Days & Celebrations

King Sejong Invents an Alphabet  by Carol Kim  & Cindy Kang  (Hangeul Day / Korea)

Piglette’s Perfect Surprise  by Katelyn Aronson & Eva Byrne  (Birthday /perfectionism)

Peter Easter Frog  by Erin Dealey & G. Brian Karas    (Easter/ friendship)         

Isabel and Her Colores Go to School  by Alexandra Alessandri & Courtney Dawson (First day of school / friendship)

SHHH…The Baby’s Asleep by JaNay Brown-Wood  & Elissambura (New baby)

My Daddy Can Fly   by Thomas Forster, Shari Siadat, & Jami Gigot    (Career Day / Ballet)

Emotional Well-Being

Home for a While  by Lauren Kerstein  &  Natalia Moore     (Foster care)

Sunday Rain  by Rosie Pova  &  Amariah Rauscher        (Moving)

Balloons for Papa  by Liz Gilbert Bedia  &  Erika Meza          (Mental health)

Clovis Keeps His Cool  by Katelyn Aronson  &  Eve Farb            (Bullying)

Kindness is a Kite String  by  Michelle Schaub   &  Claire LaForte     (Kindness / Empathy)

Q &U Call It Quits by Stef Wade  &  Jorge Martin    (Friendship)

Eco-Friendly Stewardship / Environment

Planet Ocean by Patricia Newman & Annie Crawley

Hello Tree  by Ana Crespo & Dow Phumiruk   

I Am Smoke by Henry Herz & Mercè López

Dear Earth…From Your Friends in Room 5 by Erin Dealey & Luisa Uribe

Writing, Letters, and Words

King Sejong Invents an Alphabet  by Carol Kim & Cindy Kang

Kindness is a Kite String by Michelle Schaub & Claire LaForte      

Q &U Call It Quits by Stef Wade & Jorge Martin

Dear Earth…From Your Friends in Room 5 by Erin Dealey & Luisa Uribe

Animals & Friends

Little Penguin by Julie Abery & Suzie Mason 

Little Zebra by Julie Abery & Suzie Mason

Whole Whale by Karen Yin & Nelleke Verhoeff 

Elliot the Heart-Shaped Frog by Matt Forrest Esenwine & Anna Kubaszewska

Arlo Draws an Octopus by Lori Mortensen & Rob Sayegh Jr.

I Love You With All of My Hearts by Lindsay Bonilla & Eleonora Pace

Clovis Keeps His Cool by Katelyn Aronson & Eve Farb 

Piglette’s Perfect Surprise by Katelyn Aronson  & Eva Byrne  

Peter Easter Frog by Erin Dealey & G.Brian Karas              

Again–huge thanks to all of the incredible #kidlit authors and illustrators who joined us on the blog this year.

We encourage you to consider their books for your holiday gifts.

And if possible, #ShopIndie #indiecember.  

See you next year with more wonderful books to celebrate!