Snapshot *a Monday morning warm-up activity inspired by Max and  Jo Knowles:

1. Find a photo that makes you happy. (OK I picked happy / sad. I hope you’ll understand.)

2. Describe the scene by making a “list poem” of the feelings, thoughts, smells, sights, tastes, etc. of the captured moment.

Max the wonderdog.
Faithful writer dog.
Crisp October morning.
Rain clouds on the horizon.
Reds and golds paint the trees.
You sniff your favorite scents:
Doe with her grown fawns,
Cat mousing on our hillside ,
Fall-crazed squirrels,
That dang pesky gopher, digging up your lawn…
You’ve taught us walks feed the soul.
To go outside, stop and look, breathe morning-fresh air…
You’ve taught us love without judgment,
Of unconditional dog-kisses,
To wag our tails at life,
Run to those we cherish,
Be the first in the stream…
You’ve taught us that water—not coffee–will keep us going
even when our bodies no longer want food…
Go peacefully, my old friend.
Always faithful.
Forever loved.
Down the road.
This last time.

3. Share your Snapshot on your own blog. Leave a comment with the link either here or with Jo Knowles so we can find it! 🙂

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