Sunday Storytime July 8th at Kepler’s and Finding Writing Time This Summer!

Reading_rainbow_2 Happy Summer! Please mark your calendars and join the fun at Kepler’s Book Store (see in Menlo Park, CA on Sunday July 8th at 11:30 for Storytime. I would LOVE to share my books with a storeful of young book lovers (and big ones). Check out the cool Kepler’s flyer at Download 8_SundayStorytime_ErinDealey.pdf and come on down!

This photo is of yours truly giving the keynote at the Reading Rainbow Young Writers’ and Illustrators’ Awards Night at Fairytale Town. (Goldie and Bo Peep’s home away from home.) What fun it is to listen to young authors read their own stories aloud! Many are budding artists too. Way to go you guys, and thanks PBS. I’m thrilled to be a part of this fabulous program that encourages kids to read and WRITE.

Speaking of which, my goal this summer is to squeeze in some writing time. I know–sounds simple. But the minute school gets out and our summer schedules kick in around here, writing time seems to fly out the window. (Well, not counting writing stuff for my theater students at Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp, but that’s another story. Or PLAY actually…) So this morning I thought about those essays teachers love to assign at the beginning of the school year (I admit I’m guilty of this one myself.): WHAT I DID ON MY SUMMER VACATION.  Which lead to the following proclamation. Let it be known that three months from now I want to be able to say:

  • I finished (We’re talking stick-a-fork-in-it DONE. Finished. Send it in already!) my tweener/mg.
  • Those PBs found good homes, thanks to my wonderful agent.
  • My critique pals have read my early chapter book ms. and I’ve revised and polished.
  • I found time between summer camp (Yes, I still get to go to summer camp!), the invasion of giant zucchini and (ugh) tomato worms, reunions, vacations, visitors, and a revolving door of teenagers to WRITE.    

Which means I’d better PBIC…now!

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