Happy Book BDay to THE UNFORGETTABLE LOGAN FOSTER & THE SHADOW OF DOUBT = 6 Qs with superhero #mg author Shawn Peters + a few *NewYearsResolutions + #Giveaway!

Happy 2023, Book Friends!

Logan Foster is baaack!

Our first celebration of the year is for the Book Birthday of


the #mg sequel by Shawn Peters (Harper Collins / Illus. Petur Antonsson).

You might remember meeting Shawn Peters

when we celebrated his debut #mg, The Unforgettable Logan Foster in 2022.

You guys–there are so many wonderful layers to these books, including the neurodivergent main character, Logan, as well as autism, D&D, Foster care & adoption, and of course…both books are full of :

“Funny and action-packed superhero silliness.”

— Kirkus Reviews
(Harper Collins / Illus. Petur Antonsson)

We are thrilled to have Shawn Peters back and dive into more of Logan’s adventures.

And we have questions!

Q. 1 What do you hope readers will take away from THE UNFORGETABLE LOGAN FOSTER AND THE SHADOW OF DOUBT?

S.P. — Most of all, I hope readers enjoy the book and that they are glad they went for another adventure with Logan, Elena, Gil and Margie. But also, I really want them to feel even more of what Logan feels. There are a lot of tropes and stereotypes around neurodivergent and specifically autistic characters that paint them as emotionless or robotic. But in this second book, I wanted to dig into Logan’s feelings as he’s forming strong, authentic bonds with people and learning how that inherently stirs up new emotional reactions; love and frustration, trust and doubt.

Alexithymia Awareness & Emotions

S.P. — Logan feels them all, but he also grapples with Alexithymia, which is the inability to name or recognize emotions right away. That might not be something the average reader has heard of, but I believe having strong emotions that you can’t quite place or fully understand is something every kid goes through on some level, just as a function of maturing. So, by having a front-row, first-person account of Logan sorting through those feelings, I’m hoping the reader recognizes themselves in those moments.

Interior art by Petur Antonsson from THE UNFORGETTABLE LOGAN FOSTER & THE SHADOW OF DOUBT by Shawn Peters
(Harper Collins)

World Building

Q. 2 I’m so amazed by the world building in both of your books—and then you add the D&D thread! Any tips for those attempting this? And for those who don’t have an eidetic memory like Logan, how do you keep track of everything?  

S.P. — First of all, thank you. I will admit, I’m not sure about offering too many tips considering I feel like I’m just learning this craft, and I’m still in awe of other author’s world-building, whether it’s someone like Sylvia Liu imagining a near future corporate-run society in Hana Hsu and the Ghost Crab Nation or Tom Phillips crafting a timeless version of New York that feels current and nostalgic in The Curious League of Detectives and Thieves: Egypt’s Fire. For me, I gave myself a small cheat code by layering my hidden world underneath the one we all live in, so I could keep a ton of rich details regarding places I know and cultural conventions we experience every day. In that way, I guess I’m trying to do what B.B. Alston does soooooo beautifully with his Amari series.

What If…

This kind of world building allows me to look at the reality we all know and ask myself “what if” a bunch of times until it becomes a network of underlying connections that exist just one layer down. Suddenly, Hollywood Boulevard or Venice Beach are perfect places for heroes to hide in plain sight and blockbuster movie shoots are ideal coverups for super villains behaving badly. But it’s interesting you mention D&D, because I do play regularly, and I think it stimulates the same part of my creativity. Every session is a chance to ask, “what if” and move through a world that works differently, but still has a set of rules that act as boundaries.

*Since it’s a new year, we wondered what Logan’s resolutions might be.

(Look for more below.)  

S.P. —Logan resolves to:

  • Find his missing sibling this year.
  • Learn to cook so he doesn’t have to eat Margie’s “food.”
  • Avoid being kidnapped by supervillains again.
  • Limit his cat video watching to a maximum of 30 minutes a day during the week.

Q. 3 One of the (many) things I love about your Logan books is that the stories are told with the premise that young readers are SMART.  (Ex. The reference to Beowulf!  *Heads-up English teacher pals.) Did you have any mentor texts in mind when you wrote these? (They make me think of Percy Jackson.)

S.P. — I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Rick Riordan’s work inspired me to believe I could write a story like The Unforgettable Logan Foster and this sequel. Riordan’s books assume from the start that regardless of whether the reader is book smart, they’re there for all of it, from the mythology to modern tensions to the real emotions that come with being a tween or teen who is figuring out who they want to be. That’s how you do it. You want your reader to grow with the story.

Ah-ha Moments

S.P. — It’s funny, because I work in advertising when I’m not writing books, and in that field, there is a cynicism about the audience’s intelligence. Everything has to be so obvious and repeated and reinforced. But writing Middle Grade is the opposite because the reader (regardless of age) is there to expand their mind, have “ah-ha” moments and feel something real. Assuming they aren’t smart is a dead end.

The more interesting path is to assume they’re all smart in different ways and make sure the characters and story let them flex multiple intelligences along the way. I hope my two books do that. But Logan is also a love letter to kids like I was at his age who define themselves – maybe too often—by their intelligence.

If smart books about fictional smart kids can help real smart kids feel like heroes,

I’m more than okay with that.

Shawn Peters

*New Year’s resolutions, part 2:

S.P. — Elena resolves to:

  • Achieve full hero status at MASC.
  • Get a B or higher in all of her high school classes despite her hero training.
  • Go on a date with someone she likes.
  • Resist using her powers in public without permission.

Q. 4 How wonderful to be able to write book one with the knowledge that there would be a book two! This doesn’t always happen. How did it help in creating this sequel, and how –if at all–did it make things more difficult?

S.P. — What’s funny is that when you’re trying to sell that first book, you have to write it as a stand-alone with “series potential.” So even when I got a two-book deal with HarperCollins, I’d already written my debut as if it could end there and be satisfying. Sure, I got a couple of free passes on things I knew I could revisit in the sequel, but in general, I didn’t write it as a “set up” for book two.

But with The Unforgettable Logan Foster and the Shadow of Doubt, I did have to write this with the knowledge that it may very well be the second and last book in the series, so once again, that meant making sure the end feels like a true ending. Would I love to write more Logan books? Of course, but I don’t really get to decide that at this point. Readers and publishers do. All that said, the wonderful thing about the world Logan Foster inhabits and the mysteries he is seeking to unravel is that there is always room for another adventure.

*New Year’s resolutions, part 3:

S.P. — Connie resolves to: 

  • Take zero crud* from anyone. (*she wouldn’t say “crud”)
  • Play more D&D.
  • Get her first tattoo.
  • Reunite with her mom.
Logan foster at ComicCon!

#Teacher bonus: Activities & Extensions

Q. 5 What activities or extensions might “the best 5th grade teacher on the planet” (aka your wife) suggest for THE UNFORGETABLE LOGAN FOSTER AND THE SHADOW OF DOUBT.

S.P. — Since writing the acknowledgements for my first book, my wife has moved to 8th grade, now teaching English and Civics. But since this book is definitely written more for the 5th grade arena, I’ll stick to that. I would say that both books, but especially my sequel, fit in nicely with Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. My wife used to do an exercise at the beginning of each year where her new students would be asked to create their own pie chart of where they saw their own intelligences. It was one of the things that inspired the whole series, specifically in terms of Logan being either valued or persecuted because of the way his mind worked.

What’s your super power?

S.P. — To me, identifying those areas where a person has a deep well of a specific intelligence is, in essence, like finding out their superpower. So, I feel like a teacher reading the book with their class and discussing what kind of intelligence different characters are manifesting at different points would be excellent. I also have done exercises during school visits where I work with students to create superhero stories based on their own personalities and passions. (I’m happy to share the template with any teachers who reach out to me at www.ShawnPetersWrites.com ) It’s a funwriting exercise for students and a chance for positive self-talk, plus a cool way for teachers to get a peek behind the curtain in terms of how their students think of themselves.

*New Year’s resolutions, part 4:

S.P. — Colonel Gdula resolves to:

  • Rid the world of Necros.
  • Keep the public from finding out about superheroes.
  • Wipe Logan Foster’s memory.
  • Cut down to three cigars a day.

Q. 6 With kudos (and eye rolls) for Gil’s Dad-puns, what’s beyond …THE SHADOW OF DOUBT?  –> What’s next for you? Is there a new project you’re working on? A Book Three for Logan?   

S.P. — No eye rolls required from me when it comes to dad jokes and puns. I will die on the hill that they are both funny and clever. In terms of what’s next, I’m in the process of trying to sell a completely different book about a kid who’s dealing with a whole lot of things (first crushes, divorced parents, puberty) when he ends up with a cursed smartphone that makes everything worse… or maybe better. I just hope I can find the right editor for it because it’s really fun and sweet.

And in the meantime, I’m working on something very different that touches on both the fantasy genre and the ultra-contemporary realities kids face in a time when even schools aren’t safe places. It’s the hardest creative endeavor I’ve ever undertaken… so wish me luck. As for a third Logan Foster installation, I’d love to do it and have an outline. But as I mentioned earlier that story will only be told if enough readers demand it. I sure hope they do.

SUPER thanks to Shawn Peters for joining us on the blog today.


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Happy Book Year to ALL!

Up next: Making Earth-friendly new year’s resolutions with picture book author Gabi Snyder (COUNT ON US! CLIMATE ACTIVISTS FROM ONE TO A BILLION / illus. Sarah Walsh / Barefoot Books ) and the kids in Room 5 from DEAR EARTH…

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year: a VERY SPECIAL ICYMThem Book List & recap of #kidlit #BookBirthdays we celebrated in 2022!

This post brings together all the books we celebrated 2022 with Book Birthday Interviews. ICYMthem, check out these fascinating behind-the-scenes stories and writing/Illustrating tips shared by the #kidlit creators who joined us this year. (Great for Author Studies, Teacher friends.)

*Please note that many of the wonderful titles herein fit into multiple categories. Feel free to mix and match, and click the links to learn more!

PS Books are the gifts that keep on giving.

Happy 2022 #BookBirthdays to…

Middle Grade Novels

The Unforgettable Logan Foster (Book 1*) by Shawn Peters (illus. Petur Antonsson / Harper Collins) *Book 2 coming Jan. 3rd–look for our Book birthday celebration!

Falling Short by Ernesto Cisneros (Quill Tree)

Flipping Forward, Twisting Backward by Alma Fullerton (illus. Sarah Mensinga / Peachtree)

Fractured Fairy Tales

The School of Failure: a Story About Success by Rosie J. Pova & Monika Filipina (Yeehoo Press)

The Three Canadian Pigs: a Hockey Story by Jocelyn Watkinson & Marcus Cutler (Sleeping Bear Press)

The Three Little Pigs and the Rocket Project by Lynne Marie & Wendy Fedan (Mac and Cheese Press)

Biographies + Nonfiction (+ one SCATalogical nf mystery*…)


Dressing Up the Stars: The Story of Movie Costume Designer Edith Head: by Jeanne Walker Harvey & Diana Toledano (Beach Lane)

Her Name Was Mary Katharine, The Only Woman Whose Name Is on the Declaration of Independence by Ella Schwartz & Dow Phumiruk (Christy Ottaviano Books)

The Greatest Song of All: How Isaac Stern United the World to Save Carnegie Hall by Megan Hoyt & Katie Hickey (Quill Tree Books)

Ablaze with Color: A Story of Painter Alma Thomas by Jeanne Walker Harvey & Loveis Wise (Harper Collins)


Washed Ashore: Making #Art from Ocean Plastic by Kelly Crull (Millbrook / Lerner)

A River’s Gifts: The Mighty Elwha River Reborn by Patricia Newman & Natasha M. Donovan (Lerner)

Rocks & Minerals –illustrated by Shiho Pate (Scholastic)


Poo-Dunit, A Forest Floor Mystery* by Katelyn Aronson & Stephanie Lebaris (Candlewick)

Getting Along — Inclusion

Building Bridges: Peace, Shalom, Salaam by Callie Metler, Melissa Stoller, Shirin Rahman & Kate Talbot (Spork)

Moving to Mars by Stef Wade & Erin Taylor (Capstone)

Big Bear Little Fish by Sandra Nickel & Il Sung Na (Carolrhoda)

Ozzie and Prince ZEBEDEE by Gela Kalaitzidis (Flamingo)

Being Yourself

The Gentle Bulldozer by Amy Baron & Rogério Coelho (YeeHoo Press)

Black Girl Rising by Brynne Barnes & Tatyana Fazlalizadeh (Chronicle Books)

Anzu the Great Kaiju by Benson Shum (Roaring Brook)

When Glitter Met Glue by Karen Kilpatrick & Germán Blanco (Henry Holt & Co.)

Emet’s Box: A Colorful Story About Following Your Heart by Jeni Chen (Little Press)

Sometimes You Find a Red Rhinoceros by Andy Myer (PYP Academy Press)


Sun and Son by Linda Joy Singleton & Richard Smythe (Amicus)

Some Daddies by Carole Gordon Eckster & Javiera Maclean Álvarez (Beaming Books)

Grandma’s Magic by Charlotte Offsay & Asa Gilland (Doubleday Books for Young Readers)

A Dog’s Guide to Being Human by Shanna Silva & Agnès Ernoult (YeeHoo Press)

Tofu Takes Time by Helen H. Wu & Julie Jarema (Beaming Books)

Concept Books

One Blue Gnu by Danna Smith & Ana Zurita (Amicus Ink)

So Much Snow by Kristen Schroeder & Sarah Jacoby (RH Studio)

Wake Up, Freight Train! by Danna Smith & Jon Andersen (Little Simon)

Again–huge thanks to all of the incredible #kidlit authors and illustrators

who joined us on the blog this year.

We encourage you to consider their books for your holiday gifts.

And if possible, #ShopIndie #indiecember.  

Happy and Healthy Book-filled Holidays to ALL.

To make sure you don’t miss our 2023 Book Birthday celebrations, you can subscribe to our blog at the top right of this page. See you next year with more wonderful books to celebrate!

Save the date, dear #Teachers #Librarians & Young #Writers–> The HALF Birthday Book + Writing Fun = #Giveaway for 2023.

The teacher in me wants to let you know about this *Writing opportunity* before Winter Break starts.

Don’t worry. Nothing to do right now but get excited

and/or add this to your January 2023 planner, friends.

*Want a reminder in December? *

Email [email protected] or DM with your email.

Here are a few details:

WHY: It would be FUN to have you and/or your class or school help celebrate my upcoming book,

The HALF Birthday Book (Preorders have begun! / Genius Cat Books / Illus. Germán Blanco).

Back cover Illus. Germán Blanco from The HALF Birthday Book by Erin Dealey, Genius Cat Books.

HOW: Students are cordially invited to write a story or poem–or create an animated ChatterPix— about one or all of the Half Birthday buddies.

  • Blinger: (purple) Loves to sing and wear sparkly things.
  • Brite: (green) Loves to write stories, poems, 1/2 Birthday invitations, and jokes!
  • Best Buddy: (blue) Loves surprises and random acts of kindness.
  • Big Buddy: (red) Loves to bake for friends and family. Big is the host of the Big Buddy Baking Show.
HALF Birthday Buddies [L to R]: Blinger (purple), Brite (green), Best Buddy (blue), Big Buddy (red) / Illus. Germán Blanco from The HALF Birthday Book by Erin Dealey, Genius Cat Books.

For example, where do the buddies live? Add your own ideas to the details provided and describe a day in the life of one of the characters. OR Create your own story or poem about one (or more) of them.

Maximum story/poem length: 1 page. (+ we love Illustrations!)

WHEN: Submit your stories, poems, or ChatterPix to [email protected] –> on or before the January 31st, 2023 deadline. Subject line: Half Birthday Book writing

WHAT / GIVEAWAYS: Classes, school libraries, and/or young writers who submit their stories, poems or ChatterPix will be eligible for the giveaway of one of FIVE signed copies of The HALF Birthday Book. (Books snail mailed May 2023).

There’s MORE!

Selected stories, poems, & ChatterPix will be posted (pending your permission)

on this blog beginning Feb. 2023.

The five HALF Birthday Book recipients will also have the opportunity for

a class zoom with author Erin Dealey.

More info about The HALF Birthday Book here.

Pass it on!

THE GENTLE BULLDOZER + 5 Qs with debut author Amy Baron = Time to celebrate!

Today we’re welcoming #debut author Amy Baron to the blog

with her picture book, THE GENTLE BULLDOZER.

(Illus. Rogério Coelho, YeeHoo Press)

Because a new picture book out in the world by a new #kidlit author

deserves a celebration–right?


Bulldozer spends his days on a construction site. He and his friends are tasked with an important job: to tear things down and smash things up. But Bulldozer dreams of something bigger–could he and his crew be made for more than this?

YeeHoo Press
We have 5 Questions for Amy Baron.
Let’s get started!

Inspiration and Revision…

Q 1. What was the inspiration for THE GENTLE BULLDOZER?

Amy Baron: My toddler son built a tower with magnetic tiles, only to take a running leap and knock it over. He did this a few times, sometimes using his toy construction trucks to knock down the towers. I suggested we build the “tallest tower ever.” As our tower grew higher, we had to place the tiles ever-so-gently. It got me thinking about a gentle construction truck that didn’t like destroying things.

Interior art by Rogério Coelho for THE GENTLE BULLDOZER, written by Amy Baron, YeeHoo Press.

Q 2. How is being a debut children’s author (Congratulations!) like being an optometrist? Any revision comparisons?

Amy Baron: Thanks, Erin! Fun question—had to think about this!

Some glasses and contacts prescriptions are simple and straightforward, while others require a bit more time and revision—take for example a progressive contact lens prescription (the type of contacts that have different prescriptions for near and distance work.) For this prescription, you’ll want a patient to sample a few different lenses at home before having them back to determine the final fit. This is similar to writing in that some of the sentences and plot points come easily, while others take time and revision.

As a debut author, I looked to the wonderful team at Yeehoo Press to help me guide me through the revision process. For example, my editor Zhiqiao said perhaps it was unrealistic to have Bulldozer lift his blade off the ground as he does in one scene in the book. Young children are quite keen on construction vehicles and may notice this is factually incorrect. Front loaders lift in this fashion, not bulldozers. However, we both agreed that a book title like “The Gentle Front Loader” lacks the contrast of “Gentle” paired with “Bulldozer.”

Interior art by Rogério Coelho for THE GENTLE BULLDOZER, written by Amy Baron, YeeHoo Press.

Amy Baron: Ultimately, Zhiqiao discovered there is a technologically advanced type of bulldozer with an “angle and tilt” blade that can be lifted off the ground. We decided that Bulldozer would keep his blade down for the majority of the book and it was okay to exaggerate a little on a few pages and show his blade high in the air. I guess this plot point was the “progressive contact lens fit” of my story!

Surprises and Takeaways

Q 3. What surprises did illustrator Rogério Coelho bring to this project?

Amy Baron: So many! I adore the way Rogerio brought a bulldozer to life with a mouth, eyes, tongue, and facial expressions. As I read the book alongside his illustrations, I’m convinced that bulldozers really do have feelings! Seeing the first illustration was one of the highlights of the publication process for me.

Interior art by Rogério Coelho for THE GENTLE BULLDOZER, written by Amy Baron, YeeHoo Press.

Q 4. What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

Amy Baron: The Gentle Bulldozer is a story about being yourself. Don’t worry so much about what others expect of you. You’re wonderful just as you are!

Interior art by Rogério Coelho for THE GENTLE BULLDOZER, written by Amy Baron, YeeHoo Press.

What’s Next?

Q 5. Are there any new projects in the works that you can share?

Amy Baron: I’m writing a middle-grade thriller called FEROCIOUS. I just finished the first draft and I’m looking forward to polishing it!

Ha–from Gentle to FEROCIOUS…

I can’t wait to read this, Amy!

To learn more about Amy Baron and her work,

visit her website: www.amybaronbooks.com

and follow her on Twitter: @amygbaron.

Happy Reading!

Happy #BookBirthday SO MUCH SNOW + 6 Qs with #kidlit author Kristen Schroeder = so much fun!

Isn’t this the sweetest?

Today we’re celebrating the Book Birthday of SO MUCH SNOW

by Kristen Schroeder,

Illus. Sarah Jacoby (Random House Studio.)

Bursting with appeal factors for kids, this charming book is perfect for a winter (or spring!) storytime. —Kirkus

On Monday, it starts to snow.

Silent swirling.

How high will it go?


Follow seven forest creatures, from a tiny mouse to a giant moose, as they hunker down in a snowstorm. As the week progresses, the snow piles up and up–even past Moose’s antlers!

“Playful and full of wonder, this is an ideal pick for a seasonal storytime that celebrates wintertime joy.” 

– starred review, The Bulletin, DR 

You may not be ready for winter yet,

but are you ready for 6 Questions with Kristen?

Here we go!

Q 1. Since you live in Minnesota, I’m betting you have a few SO MUCH SNOW memories. Were they the inspiration for this book?

Kristen Schroeder: A snowy day in February inspired this book. I remember looking out the window and thinking we still had a long way to go before spring truly arrived. In Minnesota, we just had our first snowfall last week, in October, and we almost always get a significant snowfall in April. Sometimes it even snows in May. It’s a long winter!

Photo credit: Kristen Schroeder (via Twitter): “I’m often asked, ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ May I present Oct 14th in my back garden.”

Writing Process

Q 2. I love how the days of the week are layered into each spread of the story. (#Kidlit tip: Extra layers are great editor bait.) Was this element in your text at the beginning or did you add it in a later draft? Were there other changes as you revised?

Kristen Schroeder: This was one of those books that came out of my brain almost whole, which is rare. It still needed revisions, of course, but the overall idea with the days of the week, accumulating snow and animals was there from the beginning. That doesn’t mean it was easy though. SO MUCH SNOW is quite different from the other manuscripts I’ve written, and I felt unsure about whether it was working or not. My agent, Christa (Heschke) Cifelli, and assistant agent, Daniele Hunter, helped me with the language. It isn’t exactly a rhyming book but there are some rhyming phrases, repetition and alliteration that needed to be just right.

Books by Kristen Schroeder

Cheers to English Teachers!

Q 3. Given that you inherited your love of reading from your English teacher mom, were you also the kid who dreamed of growing up to be a writer? (Full disclosure: I am one such English teacher mom!)

Kristen Schroeder: English teacher moms are the best! I was more of a reader than a writer growing up. I absolutely loved the Scholastic book fairs and poured over the brochures, circling all the books I wanted to buy if I had an unlimited budget (which I did not). When my editor gave me the news that SO MUCH SNOW was chosen for the fall Scholastic flyer, it was a dream come true for sure.

Surprises & Takeaways

Q 4. What surprises did illustrator Sarah Jacoby bring to this project?

Kristen Schroeder: One of the reasons my editor at Random House Studio, Ann Kelley, wanted Sarah for this project was because she draws such adorable animals. I agree, her animals really are the cutest! I was surprised by the way she illustrated the snow. Instead of lacy snowflakes, Sarah’s snow is textured and circular, kind of like a snowball. It’s unique and wonderful. I couldn’t be happier with how this book turned out.

Interior art by Sarah Jacoby from SO MUCH SNOW by Kristen Schroeder (Random House Studio.)

Q 5. What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

Kristen Schroeder: I hope SO MUCH SNOW encourages readers to celebrate winter, which sometimes gets a bad rap. When I moved back from Australia to Minnesota, I promised myself I wouldn’t complain about winter. Even though it does get long, I try to focus on the beauty and the wonder of experiencing four distinct seasons.

Kristen’s backyard skating pond.
Photo credit: Kristen Schroeder. *This photo was awarded third place in her town’s photography contest.

What’s Next?

Q 6. Can you share any projects you’re working on now?

Kristen Schroeder: I have another winter-themed manuscript out on submission about a Zamboni that I would love to see find a publishing home. I guess I am proving the adage, “Write what you know!”

Huge Thanks to Kristen Schroeder for joining the blog today.

To learn more about Kristen and her books, check out her Website: www.kristenschroederbooks.com

and follow Kristen Schroeder on social media: 

Instagram:  @klschroeder 

Twitter: @KLSchroed

Author FB Page: Facebook.com/KLSchroed

Happy Book Birthday,


Interior art by Sarah Jacoby from SO MUCH SNOW by Kristen Schroeder (Random House Studio.)