DEAR EARTH…From Your Friends in Room 5


“A well-thought-out presentation of an important environmental message.” 

     Kirkus Review

~ Harper Collins ~

What begins as a monthly exchange of ideas between Earth and Room 5 grows into a lasting friendship, a school club with a surprising president, and –hopefully– lifelong Earth-smart habits. 

Written by Erin Dealey

Illustrated by Luisa Uribe

— Uribe’s gorgeous art for DEAR EARTH has been accepted into the Society of Illustrators Original Art Show. 

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A 2020-2021 Indie KIDS’ NEXT Selection 


BONUS: The book jacket reverses to become a POSTER about how to Be An Earth Hero All year! —>

LibrarianBookends: “This picture book is beautiful & important; let’s kickoff how to be an Earth Hero in January, and continue all year long!”




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Ms. Rusin/ 2nd grade teacher: “I love the letters between Earth & Room 5 in Dear Earth… The illustrations are beautiful. My mind is racing with all of the things I can use this book for in the classroom! And how fun would it be to start an Earth Heroes Club with students?!?”  (more activities below)


When the kids in Room 5 write to Earth asking what they can do to help save our planet, they are delighted to get a letter back. This beautiful picture book is a celebration of every child’s ability to connect with the environment and make a positive impact .

A monthly exchange of ideas between the kids and Earth becomes a lasting friendship in this affectionate story about how to be an Earth Hero, lyrically written by Erin Dealey and gorgeously illustrated by Dilys Evans Founder Award-winning illustrator Luisa Uribe.

Young readers will learn about environmental conservation, along with simple things they can do to help care for the planet-like recycling and reducing energy consumption. There is even a reversible jacket cover that features a poster printed on the inside with twelve months of Earth Hero activities. These fun and interactive activities will encourage children to help protect our planet year-round.

For #Teachers:

LitLinks by Patricia Newman features DEAR EARTH + #STEM letter writing activities for Ss of all ages.

Downloadable DEAR EARTH letter template from Harper Collins available here. 

Seesaw activities created by Ms. Zapp for her 2nd graders /easily adapted to other grades:

Friendly Letter

DEAR EARTH Activities Choice Board

Authors/ Illustrators:

Read Harper Collins Senior Designer Erica De Chavez‘ insights into the creation of DEAR EARTH’s cover here. 

ISBN-10: 0062915320

ISBN-13: 978-0062915320