Snow Globe Wishes

Starred KIRKUS review: “…think hygge in picture-book form…The feelings of community and togetherness are palpable.”

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“Well, when I first saw Erin Dealey’s cover for SNOW GLOBE WISHES, ill. by Claire Shorrock / Sleeping Bear, I had high expectations- Nevertheless, the book did not disappoint- It’s sure to be an enduring holiday classic. Lyrical and beautiful.” —Dylan Teut / Exec. Director Plum Creek Festival 

As the worst snow storm of the year rolls in, one family hunkers down together in a cozy blanket fort for the night. A little girl makes a wish on a snow globe and, in the morning, the sun rises on a winter wonderland–beckoning all outside. And what if, on this snow-filled day, families shake their busy lives and one and all, young and old, strangers and neighbors, go out to play? A lyrical holiday story about wishes and community and snow–lots and lots of snow.

Written by Erin Dealey

Illustrated by Claire Shorrock

ISBN-10: 1534110313

ISBN-13: 978-1534110311