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Social Media Confessions of an Everyday #Tweep

Today I pictured myself at BEA, listening to the panels on Social Media, and tweeting.  Yes, my name is @erindealey but I’m NOT a twitterholic. I’m a regular Tweep. (Just ask my 390 followers–woot!) Because of Twitter, this Tweep has met librarians, teachers, fellow authors, book reviewers, agents, illustrators, editors, and book store owners–not to mention moms and dads who… Read more »


I haven’t used this site for eons (blame my friend who got me started on Twitter!) but my main blog is for school visits and lesson plans for teachers so I hereby vow to use this one for ArmchairBEA, and whatever writery ramblings follow after that. So let’s start with a huge thank you… Read more »

Playing with words, Dr. Seuss, and Canadian Gold(ie)

          This post's try it today lesson plan is about play ing with words —and a fun way to teach prepositional phrases with Dr. Seuss! (No Joke.) No, the picture (above) isn't of Dr. Seuss. But the more I read about Theodor Seuss Geisel (Happy March 2nd Birthday!),  I think he'd appreciate the giant gnome… Read more »

Erin’s Favorite Back-to-School “Quote Wall”

                    The Quote Wall is one of the easiest ways EVER to “decorate” your classroom or library wall(s) and encourage kids to read and write! I shared this recently with participants at the Santa Clara County Office of Ed’s Library Summer Camp (fun!) and last year at a Sacramento Area Library Association event, and here is an example of the… Read more »

Summer Camp Lessons for Writers and Teachers : )

 Reminders/lessons learned from the wonderful young artists I worked with this summer at Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp: 1. This generation will change the world. How do I know this? If you listen, even teenagers will talk…about life, hope for the world, problems we never experienced in our childhoods, and fears of facing it all alone. As… Read more »