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Summer Camp Lessons for Writers and Teachers : )

 Reminders/lessons learned from the wonderful young artists I worked with this summer at Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp: 1. This generation will change the world. How do I know this? If you listen, even teenagers will talk…about life, hope for the world, problems we never experienced in our childhoods, and fears of facing it all alone. As… Read more »

Children’s Book Week

Some recent school visit photos to celebrate Children's Book Week:         One of my favorite challenges: Hooking that middle grades crowd! Warming up my helpers with some quick improv games. (My 30 second audition.) Little Bo Peep Can't Get To Sleep           Peep met a (very smiley) troll along the way: Who… Read more »

SCBWI Davis and Style…

Scholastic Art Director Marijka Kostiw's cool shoes sum up one of Golden Books Editor/Author Diane Muldrow's points at Saturday's SCBWI Davis conference: You have to have style. Muldrow told pb authors to "think cinematically" and dummy their manuscripts to see if the story fits the visual medium of picture books.   Author Chris Eboch (Her Haunted series debuts in August.)now has… Read more »

Influenza: The Next Pandemic? (Twenty-First Century Books/2007)

With the swine flu outbreak, everyone should know about Connie Goldsmith’s book, Influenza: The Next Pandemic? (Twenty-First Century Books). Goldsmith discusses the historical impact of the flu; how flu viruses mutate; today’s flu viruses; and preventing the flu. She reported on bird flu in this book before it hit the major news outlets. In fact,… Read more »

Not your Momma’s Critique Group : )

THE Group—(we still don't have a name) meets every other Thursday, with writing pals (L to R) Linda Joy Singleton * Dead Girl series, The Seer series and more. , Connie Goldsmith * Invisible Invaders , Superbugs Strike Back and other cutting edge science titles. , and Patricia Newman *Jingle the Brass, and soon… Read more »