Just one YES–please!

Lucky you! From time to time, I’ll be posting silly poems on this blog–mainly because they pop into my head and I have to get them out so I can sleep, or work on my WIP (mg revisions at present), or carry on seemingly adult conversations at graduations and such.

This poem is dedicated to all of you who are waiting for just one YES–from editors, agents, authors, illustrators, book sellers, Maureen Johnson (follow me on Twitter! @erindealey  Yes?) –and hey, what-the-heck–loved ones, producers, directors, #Glee,  Presidents, the New York Times, BP, Oprah
Think Big!
Think YES!

My manuscript’s out there
On an editor’s desk
Somewhere deep in a pile of slush.       
(think Bastille–oui!)

My manuscript’s out there.
I won’t be a pest.
Take your time. I’ve got years. What’s the rush?
(no big Deal-ey)

My manuscript’s out there.
It just takes one YES,
and “No news is good news,” they say.
(Is is really?)

But my manuscript’s been there
so long, I confess:
I would kill (oops too strong?)
I would beg (no that’s wrong)
Dang it, call me with good news TODAY!
(Erin Dealey)

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