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Let the Blogroll begin! 23 –> make that *32* Wonderful #kidlit Bloggers to follow in 2023!

Since we’re still buzzing from the ALA YMAs and it’s almost February, let’s share some more love. Today’s blog post is a shout out — and a huge THANK YOU–to #kidlit Book Bloggers: The wonderful humans who WRITE & REVIEW & POST & help spread the word about children’s books, authors & illustrators. YOU are…

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You’re my Liebster! 11 questions about lobsters, books, and blogs.

Any FRIENDS fans out there, my #kidlit pals? When I was nominated by JEN Garrett over at LexicalCreations for the LIEBSTER AWARD,  THIS IS WHERE MY BRAIN WENT. As it turns out, LOBSTERS and LIEBSTERS share a few key points. On FRIENDS, Ross tells Rachel she’s his lobster because–according to Phoebe–lobsters mate for life. The LIEBSTER is… Read more »