We, too, are America–a play for #BlackHistoryMonth.

Need something new for #BlackHistoryMonth? A history unit? #Diversity? Because #BlackLivesMatter? As a theater teacher, I write plays for my students to perform when I can’t find what I need. And because I know how busy you are, I thought I’d share this one. (Free PDF download below) 

WE, TOO, ARE AMERICA–a tribute for Black History Month, was written for a class of any color–or MANY COLORS–to perform as an assembly or class project. (I promise you, it’s very easy to produce.)

Sojourner Truth

Students will read about and portray twenty-five African-Americans who have helped shape America.  

I’ve attached the pdf here: We, too, are America –a tribute to Black History

Production Notes:

Cast: Flexible cast.  30 speaking parts–5 narrators, 25 “masks”.  Some roles may be combined.


Masks:  Hand held masks– enlarged photos of actual historical figures with name printed clearly in large bold letters so audience can read it.  (Laminate; attach a paint stick as handle–at neck. Optional: Back side of mask can have the character’s lines on it.)

Variation:  Masks with names only, printed clearly in large bold letters so audience can read it. Combine with power point showing photos of actual historical figures.

Simple costume pieces/props may be added for specific characters, such as hat and purse for Rosa Parks, school books for Elizabeth Eckford, etc.  Others may be imagined or pantomimed.

Sound: (Optional) “Military” drums, kettle drum.

Suggested Songs*: “We Shall Overcome,” “Follow the Drinking Gourd,” “O Freedom,” “Lift Every Voice and Sing”.  *Others may certainly be used instead.

Langston Hughes

Poem: I, Too, Am America by Langston Hughes.

Happy February, dear Teachers. I hope you’ll take the time to share these amazing Americans and their contributions with your students.

If you perform the play–take a pic and send it my way via twitter @ErinDealey or my web site.

Most of all, THANK YOU for all you do for your students.