Save the date, dear #Teachers #Librarians & Young #Writers–> The HALF Birthday Book + Writing Fun = #Giveaway for 2023.

The teacher in me wants to let you know about this *Writing opportunity* before Winter Break starts.

Don’t worry. Nothing to do right now but get excited

and/or add this to your January 2023 planner, friends.

*Want a reminder in December? *

Email [email protected] or DM with your email.

Here are a few details:

WHY: It would be FUN to have you and/or your class or school help celebrate my upcoming book,

The HALF Birthday Book (Preorders have begun! / Genius Cat Books / Illus. Germán Blanco).

Back cover Illus. Germán Blanco from The HALF Birthday Book by Erin Dealey, Genius Cat Books.

HOW: Students are cordially invited to write a story or poem–or create an animated ChatterPix— about one or all of the Half Birthday buddies.

  • Blinger: (purple) Loves to sing and wear sparkly things.
  • Brite: (green) Loves to write stories, poems, 1/2 Birthday invitations, and jokes!
  • Best Buddy: (blue) Loves surprises and random acts of kindness.
  • Big Buddy: (red) Loves to bake for friends and family. Big is the host of the Big Buddy Baking Show.
HALF Birthday Buddies [L to R]: Blinger (purple), Brite (green), Best Buddy (blue), Big Buddy (red) / Illus. Germán Blanco from The HALF Birthday Book by Erin Dealey, Genius Cat Books.

For example, where do the buddies live? Add your own ideas to the details provided and describe a day in the life of one of the characters. OR Create your own story or poem about one (or more) of them.

Maximum story/poem length: 1 page. (+ we love Illustrations!)

WHEN: Submit your stories, poems, or ChatterPix to [email protected] –> on or before the January 31st, 2023 deadline. Subject line: Half Birthday Book writing

WHAT / GIVEAWAYS: Classes, school libraries, and/or young writers who submit their stories, poems or ChatterPix will be eligible for the giveaway of one of FIVE signed copies of The HALF Birthday Book. (Books snail mailed May 2023).

There’s MORE!

Selected stories, poems, & ChatterPix will be posted (pending your permission)

on this blog beginning Feb. 2023.

The five HALF Birthday Book recipients will also have the opportunity for

a class zoom with author Erin Dealey.

More info about The HALF Birthday Book here.

Pass it on!