I haven’t used this site for eons (blame my friend who got me started on Twitter!) but my main blog is for school visits and lesson plans for teachers so I hereby vow to use this one for ArmchairBEA, and whatever writery ramblings follow after that.
So let’s start with a huge thank you (and kudos) to ArmchairBEA blog team Michele , Florinda , Tif , the1stdaughter , and Emily for creating our virtual BEA conference!
Why do I wish I was there? Hellooo, it’s in NY. The last time I was there was for SCBWI in February and although the temps were in the teens outside (brrrr!), the speakers and attendees were sizzling with great info and inspiration, as always. And if you’re lucky, you meet cool people like the fabulously talented

watch-for-these-illustrators Jessica Gomez and Anastasia Starikova (photo left), and authors (below) Suzanne Dunlap (L) and Marsha Diane Arnold (R) at lunch. (The others are photo-credit shy.)

If I were at BEA, I know I’d look for one of my Twitter pals @HeidiRKling aka debut author Heidi Kling whose YA novel SEA
will be out on June 10th! (Go Heidi!)
And speaking of Twitter, look for the hashtag #ArmchairBEA to follow. (or check my retweets at @erindealey)
In the meantime, I’ll get back to my mg revisions and send the pb manuscripts that evolved from NaPiBoWriWee (Thanks Paula Yoo! ) to my agent, as promised. See you at #ArmchairBEA!

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  1. Tif

    Thank you so much for joining us for Armchair BEA! I have discovered so many new to me bloggers and tweeps!! And, I must saw that I loved your social media confessions post!! 🙂


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