Buon viaggi!

Yeah, just what I need is another blog
(see http://www.erindealey.typepad.com ) .
Blame it on the relatives–currently in Italia,
or the writing pals–Lynn Hazen and Susan Taylor Brown
who have us all a-twitter about online presence.
(https://www.erindealey.com will tell you more
about my books and author visits.)

Mainly it’s my urge to comment and connect
to other bloggers, writers, and readers
(ok and travel vicariously with R & G…).
And so the adventure begins…
Buon viaggi!

2 Responses to “Buon viaggi!”

  1. Lynn E. Hazen

    Whoo hoo! I get to be your first follower!
    And I love your blog title–What’s the DEAL(ey).

  2. Erin Dealey

    I have a follower! Yay! It was getting pretty lonely in BloggerLand…


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