I’m Baaack!

This is why I put the word Occasional in my blog title. Has it really been 9 months since my lSimon_schusterast entry? Wow. Where have I been, you ask?  Well, besides NYC which was awesome, and yes I met all the folks at Atheneum/ Simon & Schuster (That’s me on Avenue of the Americas aka 6th Avenue in the photo.), I’ve been visiting schools all over the map!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful students and staff at Edna Batey Elementary (Elk Grove, CA), my San Diego/Chula Vista pals at Silverwing Elementary, Rice Elementary, and Hedenkamp Elementary. my PhoenixAZ friends at Villa Montessori and Madison Simis School, Taylor Elementary (Sacramento CA), The Learning Express (Roseville CA), Stonegate Elementary (San Jose CA), Folsom Public Library, Kennedy Elementary (Sacramento),Laurel Elementary’s Awesome Author Day (Oakley CA), all the Aggie families I met at UC DAvis Picnic Day, and the kids and teachers at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Day School (San Mateo CA), Village School (San Jose CA), North Davis Elementary, Bright Horizons/ Genentech’s 2nd Generation (South San Francisco), Heather Elementary (San Carlos). I’m hesitant to promise that I’ll post some of their drawings and writing soon, but I’m going to give it a try. Why? Because school visits are starting up again, and I have to catch up! (This reminds me of when I was teaching full time and piles of homework needed to be corrected before report cards…sound familiar, teachers?)

Maybe if I keep my blogs short and sweet, I’ll blog more often–in between the new picture book that just popped into my head last week, and the middle grades novel (yep–same one) that I am determined to finish soon! You know what that means, time to PBIC… Happy writing!   

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