Twitter but no Tweep

Today’s goal was to make sure I had ErinDealey as my Twitter id before any other Erin Dealey’s aced me out. Are there any others, you ask? I know there’s an Erin (or wait a minute it’s Kat Deeley (So You Think You Can Dance?) but just in case I have name-twins out there, I signed up. Which then lead to creating my profile. And downloading a photo. And then I found that little Find A Friend button… Honestly, I do write books–not just blogs and Twitters and emails. And actually I haven’t officially Twittered yet because I can’t figure out how. Or maybe I have and I don’t know how to read my own post–ha! Then there’s re-tweeting someone else’s Tweet. And DMs and Tags. But what am I worrying about? I only have one Twitter follower (thanks to my writing pal Linda Joy Singleton!) and one What’s the DEAL(ey)? follower (thanks to another writing pal, Lynn Hazen) TAG, you’re it!