How To Find a Publisher

  1. Go to the bookstore. (Libraries don’t always have the most recent titles.) Look for books that are similar to yours (genre, tone, rhyme or prose) but not exactly alike (Whoever published those will not need yours–They already have similar titles on their list.).
  2. Check title page to see who the publisher is.
  3. Check acknowledgments and special thanks for any editor’s names.
  4. Look publishers/editors up in Writer’s Market or Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market. (Recent copies should be in the library. No need to buy them. They are updated every year anyway.) OR if you are a member of, check their Marketing Guide.
  5. See which publishers accept unagented submissions, and unsolicited manuscripts.
  6. See which of those will accept simultaneous submissions.
  7. Submit your manuscript to those pubs, according to the guidelines they list. Some will ask for a Query Letter first, and then (if the stars are aligned) request that you send your manuscript.