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Coming July 15, 2023: CHRISTMAS AHOY! Illus. Kayla Stark, Sleeping Bear. 
NEW –>  The HALF BIRTHDAY BOOK, Illus. Germán Blanco, Genius Cat Books —Link to order here!
Make Earth Day everyday with DEAR EARTH…From Your Friends In Room 5, Illus. Luisa Uribe, Harper  Collins. Details here. Paperback edition Feb. 2023

Resources & Freebies

Fun FREEBIES (Coloring pages, Readers theater, finger puppets and more!) for #teachers #librarians #parents HERE.  ***My favorite READING song is HERE. 

PS dear #Teachers–Do your Ss think ONE draft is enough? (hahaha): Max the Writer Dog presents ~ Rough (Ruff) Drafts. <–click here! (Yes, those are real rough drafts on my driveway. Writing is re-writing!