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Make Earth Day everyday with DEAR EARTH…From Your Friends In Room 5, Illus. Luisa Uribe, Harper  Collins. Details here. Paperback edition Feb. 2023
Coming April 2023 –>  The HALF BIRTHDAY BOOK, Illus. Germán Blanco, Genius Cat Books —PreOrders have begun here!
Fall 2023: CHRISTMAS AHOY! Illus. Kayla Stark, Sleeping Bear. 

Fun FREEBIES (Coloring pages, Readers theater, finger puppets and more!) for #teachers #librarians #parents HERE.  ***My favorite READING song is HERE. 

PS dear #Teachers–Do your Ss think ONE draft is enough? (hahaha): Max the Writer Dog presents ~ Rough (Ruff) Drafts. <–click here! (Yes, those are real rough drafts on my driveway. Writing is re-writing!